A Facebook @username allows your Page to be easily tagged by other Facebook users. It also gives the Page a nice URL address without a whole lot of numbers tacked on the end of it.

We’ve found, however, it can be a bit pesky when it comes to changing a Facebook Business Page @username.

A common error is “This page isn’t available to have a username”. If you’ve had this message yourself, fear not – there’s a fix!

The solution:

Step 01
The simplest solution is to make a friend of yours an Admin to the Facebook page temporarily and get them to add the username for you. We tried a few friends and it only seems to work for the ones who don’t administer any other Facebook pages themselves. Mum worked a treat for me 🙂

Step 02
Go to Settings and click Page Roles.

Facebook username fix Paulownia

Step 03
In the text box under “Assign a new Page role”, type the name or email address of the person you want to give admin rights to and select them from the list, click on Editor and change to Admin, then click Add. The person you have assigned will receive a notification letting them know they have been given admin rights.

Facebook username fix Paulownia step 3

Step 04
If you have the login details for the person you have assigned, log out of Facebook and sign in as them. Otherwise, send these instructions from Step 05 onward to the person you have assigned so they can change the Page username themselves.

Step 05
Click the arrow in the top right menu bar and under “Your Pages” select the page in question.

Facebook username fix Paulownia step 5

Step 06
Click on About and click Create Page @username.

Facebook username fix Paulownia step 6

Step 07
Type the username you want. Ideally, the business/page name if it is available. Every page has a unique @username so it can easily be tagged by other Facebook users.

Facebook username fix Paulownia step 7

Step 08
Click create username. Done! Don’t forget to remove this account as an admin to the page, before you log out. If Facebook still says “This page isn’t eligible to have a username” try another friend’s account by setting them up as an admin.

Here to help if you need it 🙂

[email protected]