“Ready to take your business to the next level? We’re here for it.

“Ready to take your business to the next level? We’re here for it.

If your current brand and website don’t quite meet the mark, we are your people. We’ll get your visual identity elevated and ready to embrace the next chapter of your journey. We believe that good design is good for business and are here to suggest best bang for buck strategies to get you on your way to creating the brand of your dreams!

Our clever team and I have a knack for “getting people” and offer practical advice and implementation for existing brands and considerate new founders who are ready to up the anti and the impact.

Our name – “Paulownia”, comes from the lightweight, strong Paulownia wood. This natural material is often used as the stringer of surfboards and is used widely in Japan. It’s a straight up, reliable material that is really nice to work with. 😉”

— Jamie Bell, Creative Director

We are big listeners and deliver results with creativity, intuition & expertise.

Visionary approach

We have vast experience designing and marketing in a range of industries both in New Zealand and abroad. We understand the creative process and work with our clients to help them move towards their goals. As we work through the creative process we aim to empower our clients and share our knowledge to help you grow.


A results-driven approach means that you know that efforts to grow your brand are paying off. We love some juicy data driven design decisions and take pride in exceeding expectations and will work with you to support your objectives.


We are focused on providing solutions for long-term business success. We advocate for corporate sustainability and are driven to build environmentally and socially aware brands. Walking the talk – we get a tonne of joy from the ocean and want to help make sure it’s well looked after. 1% of our revenue goes to Sustainable Coastlines, an epic group of New Zealanders who look after the coastlines and waterways we love.

Epic work starts with epic people.

Creative Director

Jamie founded Paulownia alongside partner Dale to provide creative services to businesses with epic values. Jamie’s background is in digital marketing and graphic design. She has vast experience leading projects previously as the:

Bachelor of Computer Graphic Design.
Diploma of Business.

Account Manager

Jonti has joined the team as our Account Manager. She brings to the team an exciting new perspective with her past experience building and selling her own small business here in Waihi Beach as well as working alongside international brands as a marketing brand manager in her earlier career.

Jonti thrives in the outdoors, the ocean and organisational chaos. Expect to hear and see more of Jonti in your inbox as Paulownia enters a new exciting phase of growth in 2024.

Senior Creative

Michael Bogalo, a Rotorua local, is a multi-faceted creative renowned for his clean yet considered graphic design portfolio, photographic curiosities, and ever-growing LEGO® collection. His photography celebrates these facets and explores the balance of light and dark, and the limits of one’s imagination. Michael’s work combines a playful nature with qualities evident within his work as a graphic designer—unafraid, alternative, and wildly engaging.

Graphic Designer

Hannah is our midweight Graphic Designer with a mix of graphic design experience across agency, in-house and freelance settings. Hannah has a Bachelor of Communication Design and lights up when helping local businesses look amazing and tell their story.

When she’s not at the computer creating, you’ll find her in the ocean swimming or surfing, out in the sun, or teaching yoga and pilates. She’s currently living the dream working for Paulownia whilst traveling overseas.

Graphic Designer

Penelope recently joined the Paulownia team as a Graphic Designer as she studies towards her Postgraduate Diploma in Creative Technologies. Penelope has had experience running creative businesses and produces hand-formed ceramics for her brand NICE Ceramics which she wholesales to stores.

She loves that she gets to raise her 3 kids in Waihi Beach while being surrounded by inspiring creatives.

Graphic Designer

Shannen is our graphics guru. Savvy with visual content and illustration, Shan is an exceptionally skilled designer who works with clients to help them look their best. Shan has extensive experience working with clients in the fashion and creative industries.

Bachelor of Media Arts.


Dale is our product designer with the knack for crisp clean form and a philosophy around function over frills. He works across all facets of product design and collaborates with clients to reduce manufacturing costs and environmental impact whilst optimising processes and efficiency.

Dale brings a wealth of expertise to Paulownia, with a background in the international medical, automotive and marine industries, as well as experience developing textile, furniture, consumer products, and house and landscape design.

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering.

What the good folk who work with us say

Jamie has been an absolute magician to work with, her visionary approach and ability to listen to far reaching design elements is second to none. The studio is sustainability minded with all they do, which is particularly important for our website design.

Don’t miss out on working with one of the greats! Everything has been undertaken professionally and in good time. Highly recommend.

Pippa Coombes, Sustainable Waihi Beach

Jamie and the team at Paulownia have a great eye for design, they helped us get our website up and running, designed our signs and billboards. Very easy to work with I would highly recommend Paulownia!

Greg Oswald — Director, Oswald Homes Limited

Jamie and the team at Paulownia are a pleasure to deal with, they always deliver great work, in a timely manner.

Hamish Bourke, Founder, Rifters Gin